Importance of Reading

by cupid1 on Feb 08, 2012

Importance of Reading

Reading could be regarded as a catalyst for enhancing the learning skills of children. Reading may also help the child to develop their writing skills as well. In other words reading, writing and learning skills are interdependent. Parents do play an important role in developing reading skills of a child.
Few of them are listed below:

Your interests
Children are good learners. They absorb everything very easily. So whatever the parents do, they pick it up very fast. If you like reading it’s likely that the child may also develop a liking for reading. For example-just by seeing that his parents enjoy reading, a child also picks up a book and starts reading it.

Good informative books
Some good informative books may be gifted to the children by parents and friends. After reading few of the books the child may develop an interest in reading. For example- books such as Harry Potter, animal fact books, art books, musical books, etc, are popular amongst children. Books with bright colorful pictures are popular especially amongst small kids.

You can give your child options regarding his interests. For example- give him a choice if he likes reading a big book or an online book. A child should be given flexibility to choose between various options.

Story telling
Another good method for enhancing reading skills, is story telling especially during before bedtime. When a child hears a lot of stories from an early age he naturally develops the habit of reading and is curious to read more books.

The books should be kept on display, for example, if you have a book shelf in the house then it’s very helpful. The child keeps on seeing them the entire day so whenever he wishes to, he may go and grab some book.

Books with very good illustrations
Some books with very good illustrations do act as a catalyst in the process of enhancing the reading skills. Children, especially of young age, like reading books which carry bright, beautiful illustrations. These illustrations make the books look nice and attractive so while turning the pages child automatically starts reading.

Apart from the above mentioned ways, another option is that of online books. Now days many online stories are available, which child can read and hear simultaneously.

Developing reading skills is an important process for the mental growth of the child and a child enhances it with time and practice.

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    I like read very much, every day I read a little. in one day I can read 45 pages!!! :-)

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