Father's Day

by admin on Jun 16, 2011

Father's Day

The first feeling of security, the first hands to hold while walking and the
first hero of life for every child is their father. There is no bigger support in
life than the presence of a father. Fathers in the true sense are the first role model of kids who contribute hugely to develop
the personality of his kids.

Surprisingly most fathers do not get their fair share of credit in
building the life of a child. This is primarily due to the protective nature and the responsibility
of guardianship they have to follow. But they have their own ways of showing the love and
eventually every kid realizes the hardships a father goes through to give him a better life.

Father's Day is celebrated world wide as a tribute to the love, affection and values we receive
from them. Although the date of Father's Day celebration is not same across the globe but
most prominent is the third Sunday of June. The credit of establishing Father's Day celebration
goes to Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington. She realized the struggle her father went
through to raise his children and created the cause to celebrate one dedicated day for fathers
in line of Mother's Day. Although initially the day was marked as a religious holiday it became a
festival later on.

With changing times fathers have come much closer to their kids and are doing their best to
earn the love of his children. Today more and more fathers are spending quality time with kids
creating memories for life.

The celebration of Father's day is incomplete without a surprise. So kids, Just gear up and put
your thinking caps on to make this day memorable for your father. In general gifting, special
trips, Family activities and special dinners are very good idea to uplift the mood. However Gudli
has some unique tips for kids which can add to the spirit of Father's Day to a new height.

  • • Take a family picture and draw it by your own. Then gift the picture in a frame as a gift to
    be remembered for life.

  • • Make a greeting card and write how much you love your Dad and see the smile
    brightening on his face.

  • • Take a white Mug and paint "I Love You Dad" or "My Superhero" and gift it to your

  • • Most important of all wake up early go to your papa and give him a tight hug and greet
    him and you'll know the celebration has started.

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    I cant wait for fathers day!!! i have a song to sing to my dad! i hope he likes it!!

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