How to handle difficult children?

by rahul on Feb 21, 2012

How to handle difficult children?

Every child is unique and has different needs. Some children are easy to handle and some are difficult to handle. Different techniques need to be implemented in order to handle difficult children.

Parents play an important role in handling such children. Every child has a set of expectations from their parents. Parents need to be cautious in fulfilling these expectations. A line must be drawn between fulfilling necessities and fulfilling whims & fancies. The latter would only spoil the child and make him more difficult to handle in the log run.

Few steps that could be helpful for parents in order to handle difficult children are listed below:

Parents should be aware of their child’s behavior. They should know what are their child’s likes and dislikes. They should be aware which activities the child enjoys engaging in, and which he dislikes. Parents should encourage the child to pursue the activity of his choice.

The importance of parent-child bonding cannot be stressed enough in this sphere. Spending time together is an important factor in here. Both mother and father must try to spend at least a fixed number of hours with the child. Breakfast and dinner could be set aside as family time. Parents should try to have these meals together as a family and use this time to bond with their child. Whenever possible, parents should accompany the child to picnics or outings. This enables maximum chances of interaction.

Parents need to give choices to difficult children, for example- what would he like to have for breakfast? Bread or milk; what would he like to play? Online kids games or outdoor games? Choices matter a lot while handling difficult children as it provides flexibility to them. A difficult child doesn’t like forced decisions. So parents should be careful about this. Children do not like decisions imposed on them and it may make them angry. This may worsen the situation.

Voice tone
The voice tone acts as a catalyst while making a child understand something. Sometimes the voice tone may also have negative effects. The tone should be kept moderate so that the child may not interpret anything in a negative manner.

Set boundaries and rules
Set boundaries and rules for the children and encourage them to follow them everywhere. The rules need not be confined to home only.

The above mentioned ways are only a few. But there are many different ways of handling difficult children depending on their personality and requirements.

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