Would love to see a game which teaches keyboarding for kindergarten children. It would begin with the home row keys and beyond. Love your website so much and use it in computer lab for kinder and 1st grades.

Mary Cardinale

Please create topics for math with 5th-12th grade topics. Thanks!


This is a very useful site. By playing games and watching videos kids may can learn easily. But this is mostly useful for those who have internet connection. I've no internet connection in my home. Can I download videos to work in offline?

MFA Munir

Its very interesting and fun for kids. My kid's favorite game is alphabet writing.


I love the site! Its free fun and educational. Unlike other sites its kid friendly and easy to play and understand for small kids like mine.


I have enjoyed using this website as an opener to get my lessons off to a great start--thanks.

Juliet Sargeant

I cannot express my gratitude for all of the great tools you provide us free of charge. Our son as learned so much and he loves your website, it is his home page on his lap top. We do not watch much TV, we get all the information from the net, that is why we gave him a laptop. He his way ahead other students in is class, because most parents let TV "educate" their kids. A big thank you for all of you that make the internet one of the greatest tools to learn ever created.


I am really happy I found this site because my daughter is needing extra attention in and out of school. I like the Learn to write game, but she's having the biggest problems with her lowercase letters. If a lowercase option could be added, it would be sooooo helpful!


I just want you to know, I found this site by accident today and tried it with my kindergarten students. This site is so easy to maneuver and they all loved it. I run the computer lab at a kindergarten school and it is not easy to find sites that are easy for them to maneuver. Thank you.


I like shape game.


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