Math is fun

by admin on May 06, 2011

Math is fun

No one would deny that numbers gave many of us jitters throughout the educational life or even after that. Life felt threatening under the constant fear to face math. Even today the number crunchers are considered from another planet altogether. Lets snoop around and find the truth.

The fear for mathematics is very common and interestingly starts at a very young age and remains there for long. However people who find math interesting feels that it’s the most amazing subject. Why only math is feared more than probably any subject in early stage of education?

To understand this we should agree that math is not actually presented to them in a practical way or in a way they like things. Imagine the plight of the teachers or parents teaching a small kid multiplication or division compared to teaching vocabulary with help of a nice story. Bingo! You have hit the nail in its head. There is nothing wrong or tough in the subject but the problem is how to make the kid

interested in the subject. It is generally accepted that when kids get involved in anything interesting they learn it faster and also retain the learning.

This is where the solution lies. Making math a fun for kids can actually help them to overcome any fear and make numbers their friends. Much innovation and conceptualization is required to get into the psyche of young mind and develop educational aids with the fun element in it. Educational games like maths game for kids can be very useful in teaching children the fundamentals of math and the best part is they learn it while playing.

To explore the huge assortment of educational math game visit www.cookie.com and see how your kid falls in love with numbers. Every math game in the site is unique and very well conceived. Smooth animation, interactive lovable cartoon characters, practical application of maths and the easy navigation are ideal for all kids from preschool to third grade. The games are designed to engage kids in learning and then applying the lessons to the most practical way. Kids learn fast as they even do not realize that when they learn things amidst the engrossing gaming environment.

So now when you know math can really be fun do not let the coming generation have the fear for the subject. Also if you feel that there is still a fear in you for numbers it is never too late!!

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