Mother’s Day

by admin on May 06, 2011

Mother’s Day

The journey of life starts in her womb; her unconditional love, affection and sacrifices create the world around us. No worldly definition can describe the six letter word called MOTHER in its true sense.

Mother is the epitome of love and affection and is universal in presence. She is the only person on earth who can bear any pain, sacrifice just to see her child happy and safe. She is the magician who can sooth away any pain from life just with her touch.

World salutes and celebrates the motherhood in unison on the occasion of Mother’s day. Although Mother’s day is celebrated in different days in various parts of globe, with most accepted is the second Sunday in May. Every year this day is celebrated to express the respect and love for our Mothers. While historic records show that the tradition is very old to ancient Greek tribute to ‘Rhea’ or the ten-day festival in India known as ‘Durga Puja’ or "Mothering Sunday" in England are some examples of it.

Mother’s day is the perfect occasion to pay tribute to your mother and do something to show how important she is in your life. There are no fixed rules to celebrate Mother’s day as the love of mother expects nothing in return. So it is up to us how we can make her happy.

Here are a few tips from Gudli for the kids.

  • • Wish her in the morning.

  • • Be nice and caring to her all the time.

  • • Do something for her like painting, write a poem, make a poster "I Love You Mom" or give her a greeting card or flowers.

  • • Above all love and respect her from inside and she will know it.

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